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Angels & Demons

Angel 1

Angel 1 serves as the culmination of the collection, symbolizing the emotional journey that unfolds throughout the series. While some may interpret it as a self-portrait, its true essence lies in bringing closure to the overarching narrative of the collection. Defined by vibrant yellows and burnt oranges, Angel 1 marks the final chapter of this evocative journey.

Angel 1

Angel 2

Angel 2 embodies a tranquil resilience as we journey through our angels. Often perceived as the guardian and epitome of strength, she also embodies a sense of cynicism. The quiet power emanating from Angel 2, juxtaposed with the warmth of Angel 1, is evident in her steely gaze and unwavering presence within enclosed spaces.

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Angel 3

When contemplating the ascent of self, life, and emotion, what sensations come to mind? The feeling of relief accompanies elevation, starkly contrasted with the cold blues. Angel 3 embodies the warmth of realization and understanding.

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Demon 1 

Dubbed 'The Empress,' the divine introductions to the five depicted Demons unveil the graceful and assured presence of Demon 1. Positioned as the rightful leader, Demon 1, the Empress, exudes a commanding authority. Throughout the collection, you'll notice that the demons share common traits, including confidence and a certain blindness. Can you identify any others? Allow me to introduce Demon 1, the Empress.

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Demon 2 

From the bold stance of open vulnerability to the liberation of the heart, Demon 2 embodies more than mere blindness. Delve deeper into the concept of exposure despite being blinded. How does one navigate the darkness when deprived of sight?

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Demon 3

The price of forsaking oneself is the surrender of power and sacrifice. As we release control and relinquish what holds value to us, shielding our eyes from the impending downfall of our moral foundations, a newfound clarity emerges—a clarity sharper than ever before. Meet Demon 3

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