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More to Life - Question the Existence

We get a few moments in life to really take a deep breath in, and think "What the hell am I doing...what do I do I even get there?" and then with vibration in our souls, we give up on the idea of questioning the unknown and go back to the familiar embrace of the known.

What is it that you want? I've spoken about this so much, I feel like I could quite literally fill up a book with 1000 ways to live a calmer, happier, more fulfilling life, and each way would be the exact same, except the only difference being adding yourself to the picture.

What the Hell....

Really grasp onto the idea of what it is you want, write down every idea there is to create the form of your idea of happiness. Understand that this idea will change and evolve as you gain more experience, and learn more about yourself. You have a very important job with this part. Because what you want is a very important part of forming the idea of your happiness and bringing it into your frame of sight. Once you have your well framed idea of happiness, I want you to spend the next month writing this out. Over and over again. I don't want you to copy it. I want you to write it out from memory every day. Wing it. Try to write this idea of happiness over and over again.

For me happiness looks like ultimate freedom to walk around, hike, get dirty, get clean, get time. To get time to not rush, or feel like I need to do anything but be here in my body. Everything else is an additional gift and supplementary. I don't really find myself wanting much apart from peace; because for the longest time, all I wanted was the warmth of love from an external force, only to find that I quite literally drown in it with the wonderful people I surround myself with after years of cultivating trusting relationships with people who have my best interest in mind as much as I have theres. As cheesy as that sounds, its something that brings me happiness now, more than ever, and I find that I see love, I see happiness, and I see everything else in between as an incredibly different thing.

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." - Oscar Wilde

Question Everything you Know...until there's no Question

Question absolutely everything you know...until theres absolutely no question that you are in the exact place you need to be, with the frame of mind that whatever happens to you, is a carefully curated opportunity to level up into a higher place in yourself emotionally. Be slow, be intentional, and give yourself the opportunity to act on life slowly. When we step too quickly, we lose the opportunity to really savor, we stumble, we drop things, and we forget that no moment is exactly like the other. At this moment, as I'm sitting here in my bed, listening to music, with my mom eating chicken salad in her room, my dad watching a show downstairs and my pup sleeping peacefully after his dinner, I understand that I will never have this exact moment where I will be this young, or my parents will be this young, or my dog.

Every day, we age, and become less attached to our human bodies in an attempt to likely go somewhere possible better, and beyond earth, death and taxes.

This life is but a whimsical game full of mischief, gore, sadness, love and beauty. The only rule is that there are no rules. You shape the game. You shape the pieces and you move them around. Calculate your moves intelligently, or recklessly, either way, the game of life is sure to bring just a sparkle of awe at some point...depending on which route you choose to take.

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